Your Vegetable Garden: We Can Help

Do you want to start your own vegetable garden at your Newmarket home? Or maybe you would like some help with where you should plant certain types of flowers to beautify your front or backyard. Our landscapers are very knowledgeable about plants and growing your own vegetables, and we can assist you with planning where to plant them, the soil they need, sun exposure, and more. We can help with:

  • The type of soil you need depending on what you’re growing
  • Type of garden you should make (elevated or in the ground)
  • The optimum location of the garden (sunlight, etc.)
  • What kind of plants to start with and use at different times of the year
  • When to start planting, when to water, when to harvest, and when to replant (scheduling)
  • Companion planting (grow together)
  • How many plants needed to feed an average family of 4, for example
  • Square foot gardening

Healthy Eating Through Urban Farming

In a day and age where we don’t quite know where our food is coming from or how it is treated (chemicals and fertilizers), planting your own vegetable garden gives you more control. By planting your own produce, you will know exactly where it is coming from and how it is grown, ensuring that you have the healthiest products for you and your family. The product you are left with from your garden is far superior to what is in the grocery store!

Book a consultation with Jen or Nick to discuss what you need. We can deliver our products to you within 1-2 days after ordering, and you can place an order 7 days a week, including holidays.

Additional One-Time or Ongoing Services

We offer landscape fabric, grass seed, and wheelbarrow rentals to help you complete your project.

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